Spherical and cubic vibrating machines

Spherical vibrating machines

- In Casting Process, forge Process Plastic, goldsmith trade and jewelry industries.

- In structural stones, making antique of structural stones.

- Taking off layer over parts.

- Degreasing and Deoxidization.

- Polishing parts.

- Separator riddle if part, media and pedal.

- Having pipe for passing water.

- Having line for ejecting water.

- Having shampoo pump if needed.

Cubic vibrating machines

- With ceramic and plastic media (wat)

- With stainless fine media (wat)
- In small pieces like: artifacts of gold and silver  

- Precious and semi precious stones
- Equipped with a French anti-abrasive polyurethane coating with high corrosion resistance (at least 30 years)   
- The use of Italian engines () for long periods of use (even 24 hours)   
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