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Aria Sayan Gostar Company is the first and the only Manufacturer of Industrial vibratory Machines in Iran since 1996. At the very beginning, our company started under the brand name of " Iran Vibre " and after going through several partnerships with European Companies, We managed to utilize their experience and continued our work with a new brand name which is " Aria Sayan Gostar ". In the last three decades, Aria Sayan Gostar with the help of Iranian engineers and experts, has attempted to improve in the quality of products with latest technologies of the world.

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One Year Guarantee

All of the part of our machine products are under guarantee coverage for a year.

10 Year Warranty

All of our machines products are under warranty coverage for ten years unconditionally.

How To Use

After your purchase, our experts will teach you the proper methods of using our products in the best way possible that will suit exactly what is demanded.

Free Of Charge Testing

Our team of technical experts will test your part for free before your purchase to make sure that you make the right decision and it works for what the customer asked.

Help & Support

After joining Aria Sayan Gostar family, you can always seek for help whenever you got stuck during a process. Our experts will always be available to answer and help you out.


Aria Sayan Gostar Company as the only manufacturer of vibratory machines in Iran, will provide and supply all the necessary consumables for the customer.

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