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Aria Sayan Gostar is an Iran Based Company That has been active since 1996.

The Company has been working on the latest industrial technologies and machinery such as Vibratory machines, Grinding machines, Polishing machines, Surface finishing materials (Stones), Finishing Compounds.

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Vibration procedure or finishing process for degreasing and deoxidizing parts surface and also final polishing mechanically was not available in our country.This technology has known in expanded country for long time. According to statistics, manufacturing institution for amending parts. quality, achieving international markets and competing with foreign producers needed this technology.As this technology is economical in the world markets ARIA SAYAN GOSTAR Company in cooperation with EUROPEAN company for acquiring this technology, have been launching research activities since 1996.It worth to mention that update technology has given to Iranian specialists.All procedure of producing machinery, stone and shampoo produced by Iranian youths. The company currently after achieving .adequate experience and mending products quality, entrance to world market is his priority.At the end we hope to be supported industrial officials and companies.


Vibratory finishing is a type of mass finishing manufacturing process used to deburr, radius, descale, burnish, clean, and brighten a large number of relatively small workpieces.

Surface Finishing Materials

Tumbling of rocks as a lapidary technique for rock polishing usually requires a plastic or rubber-lined barrel loaded with a consignment of rocks, all of similar or the same hardness, some abrasive grit, and a liquid lubricant. Silicon carbide grit is commonly used, and water is a universal lubricant. The barrel is then placed upon slowly rotating rails so that it rotates. The optimal speed of rotation depends on the size of the tumbler barrel and materials involved. Vibratory finishing process can be used instead.

Finishing Compuounds

Compounds are added to mass finishing processes to assist in deburring, burnishing, cutting, cleaning, descaling, and inhibiting corrosion. They may be liquids or dry powders. They are usually broken up into four types: deburring and finishing, burnishing, cleaning, and water stabilizing

Our Products

Circular Vibratory Machines

In Casting Process, forge Process Plastic, goldsmith trade and jewelry industries.

Cubic vibrating machines

Loading and straightening, scrubbing using special media

Separating vibratory Machine

Separating vibratory Machine

Machinery for automation industries

full automatic machine including elevator, vibratory system and dryer set with equipments.

Grinding machine

for grinding different surfaces

Polishing Machine

for polishing flat and curved surfaces

Other Machines

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Silicone rubbers

The spincasting process uses vulcanized Silicone Rubbers as the mold-making substrate

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Drying Granules

The dry granulation process is used to form granules without a liquid solution because the product granulated may be sensitive to moisture and heat.

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Finishing Results

ARIA SAYAN GOSTAR Company has been the expert of the finishing process over twenty three years with the latest technologies and the best quality possible for a better customer consent.


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Our Partners

BMC manufacturer die cast - EUROPOLISH wax manufacturer- NICEM jewelry and spin-casting silicone Manufacturer

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